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Why I Do This

Well designed living spaces are not a luxury product, they are a right that enables the inhabitants to live their best life. And "well-designed" must, in this rapidly changing time, mean something that creates health and responds to its unique environment. In Colorado, that means passive heating and cooling, local materials whenever possible, and spaces that urge us outside. It means affordable solutions for every budget. And it means living spaces built to last.

How I Got Here

Since I was a kid drawing floor plans in my spare time, I've been fascinated by what makes a space feel good on a visceral level. Home Ecology was founded to reflect the challenge of "the great recession": out-of-the-box creativity on a shoe-string budget. Those constraints clarified who I am as a builder and what good design means to me.

My education in architecture at the University of Colorado focused on sustainable design and affordable housing. Since then, I've been lucky to work for expert builders who taught me about all parts of home construction. While working in architectural offices, I was dismayed to find a disconnect between the design profession and the building trades. Home Ecology bridges that divide to create a seamless process from design to building.


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