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Home Ecology is a residential design firm serving the Denver Metro Area that draws from traditional and innovative methods to create unique spaces both inside and outside.

We can transform a room or a landscape, improve the function of your floorplan, or tailor a living space to your one-of-a-kind style.  In each space of your home, our designs can tell your story and enliven your daily life.

With hands-on experience in both architectural design and construction, I chart a course for you through the complexities of revitalizing your home. Whether you need a remodel or furnishings design, I take the time to get to know you and your deepest desires for your living space so that I can craft a space in which you feel perfectly at home.

Read more about the process below.

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Initial Consultation & Analysis

After a thorough exploration of your needs and vision for your home, I examine the space with a critical eye for challenges, opportunities, possible issues, and efficiency. Site analysis includes as-built documentation drawings and evaluation of the myriad factors that will impact your project.

Conceptual Design

With a deep understanding of your lifestyle needs and your aesthetic preferences, I begin to formulate the design. We'll explore concept photos, your Pinterest or Houzz boards, and precedents from my previous projects. I develop sketches, visual renderings, or models to test spatial and material concepts with you. Your creativity and feedback are invaluable as the design evolves.

Design Development

This is the phase when all factors are synthesized into a comprehensive design. I consider the quantitative (lighting, ventilation, traffic flow, overlapping functions), and the qualitative (texture, mood, tone, balance, proportion). We will meet several times to make sure the space shaping up is the home you want to inhabit. Once the design is near final, I facilitate getting bids from contractors and finalize costs to complete the project as designed. This phase takes the most time and requires close communication to work out final details.

Material Specification and Documentation

I identify specific products and materials to fulfill the design. Options will be presented to you in final proposals so that you maintain complete control over the finished product and costs. 

If the project involves construction, I'll prepare technical drawings of all design features and specifications for use by the contractor/subcontractors and submission to permitting boards. These drawings are the complete instruction manual for the building phase.

Building Phase

To build your project, I coordinate with a team of expert and proven collaborators for general contracting, structural work, fine finish carpentry, custom furniture, and utility trades. I only work with the best craftsmen I can find to ensure a perfect final product.

If we are furnishing your space, this is when we receive furniture shipments and schedule painting, wall finishes, window treatments, and furniture installation. Deliveries of products, quality control, and subcontractor scheduling is all managed for you. That's the joy of full service design. 

Project Management

I work hand in hand with tradesmen and other collaborators to communicate design intent, choose the best building methods, and ensure efficiency and frugality where at all possible. My role is to "grease the wheels" to make sure that construction or installation of your project is hassle free for both you and contractors. My clients tell me this is the most valuable service that I offer. 

Finishing Touches

When all the installations are finished, I personally ensure that details are polished, the dust is cleaned up, and your comfort is assured. We will walk the finished space together to make sure that you are completely at home and happy in your revitalized.

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